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Scientific Founder | Prof. Roberto Chiarle, M.D.

Roberto Chiarle is professor of Pathology at the Harvard Medical School and at the University of Turin. He oversees research laboratories both at the Boston Children’s Hospital and at the Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of Turin, and he's also the director of the Division of Haemolymphopathology at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan. His expertise delves deep into investigating ALK's role in lymphoma, non-small cell lung cancer, neuroblastoma, and other types of ALK-dirven cancers. Throughout his career, he's been dedicated to unveiling the crucial mechanisms behind ALK-mediated transformation in tumors, striving to define and validate novel approaches for targeting ALK in such cancers with particular focus on immunological therapies.

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Project Manager | Carmela Di Gioia, Ph.D.

Carmela Di Gioia, PhD, is a scientist with expertise in immuno-therapy and viro-therapy for cancer treatment. She holds a Master's in Molecular Biology from the University of Pavia and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Queen Mary University of London. Carmela has also worked as a Scientist in the spin-off company of the very same group where she had completed her doctoral work. This experience allowed her to gain a comprehensive view of the biotech industry. Today, Carmela applies her diverse knowledge and expertise in her role as Project Manager at ALKemist Bio, where she intends to make a significant contribution in the battle against ALK+ cancer. 

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